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New Jersey Small Business Direct Install Program in the News

Hillsdale Parish takes an Environmental Step

St. John the Baptist Parish converted all 443 incandescent 90W bulbs in the Church, Msgr. Morris Parish Center and Parish Office/Rectory to the more energy and cost effective LED bulbs.


Approximately 170 bulbs were replaced in the church alone. Additional energy improvements included the replacement of the Boiler in the Parish Rectory with an Energy Star Lochinvar which has 94 percent efficiency rating.

All of the air conditioning units were replaced with the more efficient 14 SEER and use R410A Refrigerant which is more environmentally friendly.

The effort began with a seminar held at the Archdiocesan Center in Newark presented by Lime Energy, a Direct Install provider based in Elk Horn Village, Ill. and managed by TRC Energy Services of Lowell, Mass. TRC is the market manager for the Energy Efficient segment of New Jersey’s Clean Energy program.

The seminar was attended by Rev. John Korbelak, pastor of St. John the Baptist and Glen Ford, St. John’s maintenance superintendent.

Lime Energy had been awarded a competitively bid contract from the State of New Jersey to implement the direct install component of New Jersey’s Clean Energy program.

The program was delayed for a time due to Super Storm Sandy but recently became available again to St. John’s and other non-profit organizations.

The appropriate application was filed and approved. The Energy Audit Program was completed which identified cost justified measures eligible for incentives on lighting, lighting controls and air conditioning equipment.

Installation of the program will result in energy and cost savings over the long term, the church explained in a press statement.

For further information contact Glen Ford, 201 664-3131 or click here for more information about the NJ Small Business Direct Install Program.


Article orginially appeared on Thursday, November 21, 2013:

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