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Refrigeration Upgrades: The Surprise Efficiency Opportunity

When thinking about energy efficiency upgrades, lighting and HVAC come to mind first. Small business owners often overlook refrigeration upgrades for refrigerators and coolers. For small businesses such as convenience stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and warehouses with large freezer units, cooling systems provide essential services. These units run 24/7, consuming power at all hours. Long run hours present greater potential energy savings.

There are many benefits to making energy-efficient upgrades to refrigeration. A small business can gain the following advantages by upgrading its coolers:


Showcasing food items in optimal lighting creates more customer interest. Upgraded refrigerator lighting improves sales by enhancing the appearance of these products, making the food items appear attractive and fresh to the customer.

Energy Savings

Old or underperforming equipment can be an energy black hole. By making a few energy-efficient upgrades to refrigeration equipment, business owners save a considerable amount on their utility bill.

Extended Life of Equipment

A new cooling system is not only costly but also requires a great deal of effort to replace. Extending the life of an existing system offers a cost-effective solution that helps refrigeration last longer. 

Protection from Heat

By upgrading refrigeration equipment, a business owner safeguards the business’s inventory from risks associated with cooler lighting. A high-performing system lowers the amount of freezer and refrigerator lighting heat emissions, reducing food spoilage.

Maintenance Savings

When equipment breaks down, repairs create additional and unforeseen expenses. A small business also loses revenue when its facility closes to repair essential systems. Energy-efficient systems make maintenance consistent and predictable, allowing a business owner to avoid high repair costs.

Small business owners reap benefits when they make energy-efficient upgrades to refrigeration equipment. These upgrades reduce equipment downtime and put money back in a business owner’s pocket. Small business owners with coolers should always consider refrigeration when making energy-efficient upgrades.

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