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Looking to reinvest in your business? Here are easy ways for small business owners to reinvest energy savings.

Reinvesting in your business can increase profitability, whether by attracting new customers or lowering operating costs. Often, small business owners overlook energy efficiency as a way to improve their business. Energy-efficient upgrades to lighting, refrigeration, or HVAC can significantly cut electric costs. Small business owners can then reinvest energy savings back into their business.

Working with an energy-efficiency partner such as Lime Energy makes upgrading a facility easy. Lime Energy provides a free assessment, performs the upgrade, and secures utility incentives to cover a significant portion of the project cost. Across Lime’s programs, small business owners have saved an average of $1,485 on annual energy costs. Each year, the average energy efficiency customers adds another $1,485 to their pocket. With the money saved, those business owners can make enhancements to their business.

There are many ways for small business owners to reinvest energy savings in their business. Here are a few that will make a big impact:

  • Online Marketing and Direct Mail
    • Online marketing and direct mail can attract new customers and reconnect with previous ones. These marketing channels will spread your message to a broader audience with minimal effort.
  • New Equipment or Software
    • New equipment or software will help increase efficiency, allowing you to produce more goods or find free more time to focus on other tasks.
  • Workforce Development
    • Investing in your workforce can help retain employees. Employees stay when compensated well, and hard work is recognized. Or, you could expand your workforce to make your team more productive.
  • Education
    • Invest in an industry-related course or training. Learn about what’s new in your industry and how to incorporate the latest advancements into your business.  
  • Events
    • Register for a tradeshow or event. At these events, you can showcase your business to prospective buyers and make relationships with industry professionals.

Reinvesting is a smart way to fuel business growth and increase profits. If a small business owner has a tight budget, lowering operating costs is a great alternative free up extra cash. Energy-efficient upgrades to lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration can significantly reduce energy costs. Money saved can then be used to reinvest energy savings in their business. To ensure long-term success, a small business owner should always include reinvesting when creating a business strategy.


Lime Energy is a leading national provider of energy efficiency for small business customers. We help small businesses improve their operations through comprehensive energy-efficient measures. Our award-winning, integrated service programs provide our small business customers with reliable energy efficiency resources while delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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