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Resources for Small Businesses Struggling During COVID-19 Outbreak

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and the “social distancing” required to slow it’s spread have adversely affected many in our communities, especially the small businesses that comprise them. Lime remains steadfast in our desire to help small businesses make it through any financial hardships brought on by COVID-19. To that effect, we have compiled a list of resources and websites that are offering help to small businesses.

Federal Resources

Federal agencies are some of the most trusted and well-funded resources available to small businesses.

Center for Disease Control – The CDC is Americans’ best source of information about COVID-19 with advice on how to stay healthy, how to prepare your business and your family, symptoms to look for, and updates on the spread of the virus.

Small Business Administration – Even in the best of times, the SBA is a leading source of lending for small businesses needing capital. SBA loans connect small businesses directly to lenders, making it easier to get money and easier to find a reliable source of funds.

State and City Websites

Many states and cities have consolidated their resources for small businesses and other residents coping with the coronavirus. For example, Ohio is helping small businesses access SBA loans. New York City and Seattle have also created their own funds to support struggling businesses.

State agencies are also creating helpful webinars to help all of us navigate this unprecedented period. The website for the State of Michigan’s Small Business Development Center is especially rich in educational material for small businesses.

If you are looking for specific information or assistance that is most relevant for you, your state is likely to be one the best places to look.

Business Groups

Trusted industry groups are rallying in this time of need to help their constituents. The US Chamber of Commerce has tips, guidance, and resources for small businesses. Local chambers are also stepping up. So is the National Federation of Independent Businesses. If there is a group you trusted before the coronavirus outbreak, they are likely sharing resources today that can help your business make it to tomorrow.

Other Resources

Every industry has been reshaped by COVID-19 and many companies and organizations are revising strategies and plans to help businesses cope with new conditions. Credit card companies are waiving late fees and interest. Mortgage companies are postponing foreclosures and many are allowing delayed payments.

Lime Energy Resources

Lime Energy has always been guided by our commitment to our community and the small businesses we serve. Lime Energy is taking all the necessary precautions to protect our customers and staff against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Due to safety protocols, there may be some delays and adjustments in implementing your efficiency project.  As things progress, we will continue to look for ways to support our communities during these difficult times.

For any questions and inquiries, fill out the contact form and one of our representatives will get back to you.

There are sources everywhere for help. Americans are rising to the occasion to help each other weather this storm. Be careful to avoid scammers – they are also aware of your inconvenience and looking to capitalize. Together we will emerge stronger from this crisis. Hopefully some of these resources can help small businesses achieve just that.

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