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Schools are leveraging energy efficiency to improve student performance

As temperatures drop, schools are back in full swing. Teachers are preoccupied with full classrooms, administrators are keeping the school running smoothly, and board members are busy planning for the upcoming year. Teachers, administrators, and board members share common goals for future semesters. They hope to promote learning, improve facilities, and acquire new technology/resources. Looking for new ways to achieve these goals, many educators have leveraged energy efficiency as a solution.

K-12 schools have improved student performance by making energy-efficient upgrades. The money saved through energy reduction has enabled these schools to acquire new resources—without any change to the original budget. School districts spend an average of eight billion dollars on annual energy costs. By making efficiency improvements to lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration, schools can create an ideal learning environment and save an estimated two billion dollars on energy costs.  

Students are excited to participate and learn in a classroom upgraded with energy-efficient measures.
Students are excited to learn in a classroom upgraded with energy-efficient measures.

Improve student performance 

When equipped with adequate lighting, schools can better facilitate learning and improve academic achievement. Also, students are more likely to maintain better health and skip fewer classes if the school provides a cool, comfortable environment. According to a recent study, improvements to air quality can reduce absenteeism by nearly fifteen percent. Ultimately, students can achieve higher grades if taught in a well-lit, airflow-regulated environment. 

Use resources more wisely  

Educators are often constrained by a tight budget, which limits what they can accomplish within the year. Optimizing energy usage can free up money in the budget. With more available funding, schools can improve facilities and acquire new technology/resources. By accomplishing objectives at a faster rate, school districts can provide more resources to students.

Increased happiness

Today’s students face unique pressures caused by learning and maturing in a digital age. To alleviate this stress, educators can turn to an unlikely solution: LED lighting. Recent studies have shown that adequate lighting contributes to improved mood and productivity. With better lighting, educators can create a happier, more productive classroom.

School districts can leverage energy efficiency to improve student performance and increase wellbeing. After making energy-efficient upgrades in key areas, many schools have seen an increase in student productivity and retention. Also, from the reduced energy costs, schools can now afford to make improvements and acquire new resources. Efficiency programs, like Lime Energy’s, have exclusive incentives for schools. These turnkey energy efficiency programs make upgrades affordable and easy. Schools can now improve their facilities and accelerate learning without breaking the bank. 

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