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Bright Ways for Small Businesses to Save During the Holiday Season

Holiday jingles, Christmas trees, fluorescent lights… It’s the time of year when small business owners get into the holiday spirit and decorate for the season. Small business owners often overlook how traditional lights and decorations can cause their electric bill to skyrocket. Fortunately, small businesses can still be festive without jeopardizing the bottom line. Lime’s energy-efficiency experts have compiled these bright ways to save during the holiday season.

Switch to LED holiday lights

LED lights use 90% less energy than fluorescents and last up to 10 years. During the holiday season, a small business operating 12 hours a day spends an extra $25.13 on its electric bill using standard C-7 lights (125 bulbs, 4 watts each) versus spending only $0.56 LED holiday lights (280 bulbs .0.04 watts).

Ensure HVAC systems are up-to-date

Inefficient heating systems or systems 10 years and older can cause electric bills to rise. Small businesses that assess HVAC systems for under-performance, and that upgrade failing systems, can save big on heating and cooling.

Use fiber optic decorations

Fiber optic decorations use one lamp source to light multiple light points. Fiber optic decorations also last years longer than fluorescent alternatives and use ten times less energy.

Use a timer with holiday lights

Reduce the amount of time that holiday lights are on. Holiday lights left on overnight can be an energy black hole.

Use power strips to power holiday decorations

Plug holiday decorations into a power strip and unplug lights and other decorations when they are not in use. When plugged in, lights and electronics draw energy even when they’re not powered on.

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