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The 6 Advantages of LED Lighting

LED lights are a high-efficiency, long-life alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs.  Their durability and versatility can dramatically reduce long-term operating expenses and enhance work environments. Below, we take a look at the top 6 reasons you should consider incorporating LED lighting into your business.

  1. Reduced Power Consumption
    Today’s LED lights use 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and 50% less energy than CFLs. According to the US Department of Energy, these highly efficient lights have tremendous potential impact on energy savings in the United States. By 2027, widespread use of LEDs could save about 348 TWh (compared to no LED use) of electricity: This is the equivalent annual electrical output of 44 large electric power plants (1000 megawatts each), and a total savings of more than $30 billion at today’s electricity prices.
  2. Long Life

    A quality LED product, particularly one that achieves ENERGY STAR certification, lasts approximately 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb and 10 times longer than a CFL. With an expected operational lifetime of 100,000 hours, an LED light will provide 11 years of continuous operation, or 22 years at 50% operation. A light that is left on 8 hours per day, therefore, will last about 20 years before having to be replaced.

  3. Environmentally Friendly

    LED lights are inherently eco-friendly simply by wasting less energy. However, there are additional environmental benefits to LED lights. LED lights do not contain mercury or other toxic materials. Both incandescent and CFL bulbs contain mercury, and therefore have to be disposed of in accordance to hazardous materials regulations. In additional contrast to CFLs, LEDs do not emit harmful UV radiation.

  4. Flexibility
    The small size and directional nature of LED lights makes them extremely versatile for a multitude of uses and environments. Unlike CFLs, they are dimmable and their light can be focused and directed to a specific location without the need for an external reflector. As such, LED lights are becoming widely used for commercial and industrial applications such as street lights, parking garage lighting, walkways and other outdoor area lighting, refrigerated case lighting, modular lighting, and task lighting.

  5. Low Heat Output

    LEDs emit very little heat and are cool to the touch. In contrast, incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat and CFLs release about 80% of their energy as heat.

  6. Durability
    LED lights are built with durable components that withstand extreme temperatures, shock, vibrations and external impacts. This makes them an ideal choice for a variety of outdoor uses, unlike CFLs, which can experience operational difficulties in very cold conditions. As compared to other bulbs, LED lights are instantly bright when turned on and are not sensitive to off-cycling. They can be switched on and off frequently without affecting the light’s lifespan or light emission.

An evaluation of the above benefits of LED lighting would certainly not be complete without also addressing the one primary obstacle to their widespread adoption: price. The initial cost of both CFL and LED bulbs is significantly more than that of a traditional bulb. CFLs are more budget friendly with paybacks in the 6 month range and $40 in energy cost savings over the life of the bulb. LED bulb payback is longer at 2-4 years, but the lifetime savings is significantly greater, both from an operational lifespan and maintenance cost standpoint. Factoring this in with the advantages of LED lighting, business and homeowners can see the most immediate benefits by incorporating LED lighting into their most used fixtures.

As an added benefit, there are also utility-funded opportunities for businesses who want to incorporate LED lighting. LEDs are rapidly being installed with the support of several utility small business programs around the country. This drives the paybacks down and allows businesses to reap benefits right away.

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