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The Energy Assessment: A Painless First Step to Unlocking Your Energy Savings

Curious about your facility’s energy savings potential? Begin with a quick visit from one of Lime Energy’s Energy Service Representatives. They will identify energy efficiency opportunities in your building and explain how you can save with a few simple upgrades. Best of all, the energy assessment is free and requires no commitment.

It is easy to be misled by the name. An energy assessment sounds scary. An energy audit sounds even worse. But don’t let these names prevent you from discovering the truth about Lime’s energy assessments: they are a simple, painless introduction to energy efficiency. They cost you little time and no money. By starting with an energy assessment, you begin your journey to realizing your business’s energy savings potential.

An energy assessment is a walk-through of your business that ends with a money-saving proposal. It is as simple as that. To remove the confusion surrounding energy assessments, here is a step-by-step summary of the process:

Step 1: Meeting your energy advisor

Energy assessments are conducted by one of Lime’s Energy Service Representatives (ESRs). In the communities we serve, ESRs are the most visible members of Lime Energy. Through daily face-to-face interactions with small businesses, they have become experts in finding the best energy efficiency options for each small business. Not only are they experts in maximizing energy savings potential, but they also undergo extensive customer service training to learn how to best serve your needs. They recommend the upgrades that give your business the biggest advantage at the lowest cost. Before they examine your facility, your ESR will take the time to get to know you and your needs.

Step 2: Building walk-through

The core of the energy assessment is the walkthrough. Your ESR will examine your existing lighting equipment and note opportunities for more efficient replacement options. New lighting is always a top priority but ESRs also look for ways to improve your HVAC, refrigeration, controls, and other measures with cost-effective replacements. During the walk-through, ESRs enter building data into Lime Energy’s technology platform to facilitate a simple diagnosis of energy efficiency potential. During and after the walk-through, they are available to discuss what they find and to answer any of your questions.

Step 3: Energy savings proposal

Once the walk-through is complete, your ESR can produce an on-the-spot proposal for your energy efficiency project. This proposal will provide all energy savings recommendations for your facility. It includes the ideal measures for your building along with the estimated savings per year, return on investment, and the incentive contribution from your utility company. We make it easy for you by breaking down the costs and the savings, and taking the time to explain them to you. 

Step 4: Project approval

If you like the proposal presented by your ESR, you can take your energy assessment to the next step by signing up right on the spot. With your approval, project materials will be ordered and an installation team will get assigned. You will be able to expect your new energy saving lighting to be installed within a few days, depending on the recommendations received during your assessment. You can then enjoy the new look of your business and the improvement you will see on your bottom line.

With all of these benefits, you may be wondering how you can schedule your own energy assessment. Scheduling is just as easy as the assessment itself. Visit our small business page, select your utility company, and enter your information. We will be in touch immediately. Assessments happen at your convenience and at no cost. There is no reason to wait. If your business might benefit from new equipment and a lower energy bill, schedule your (not scary, super easy, no commitment required) assessment today.

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