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The Secret to Customer Satisfaction: Don’t Just Engage, Delight!

If you represent a utility struggling to meet expectations for customer satisfaction, you are not alone. According to a 2013 survey conducted by EY, just 20 percent of customers trust their utility provider. Lime Energy can help. We have implemented over 100,000 commercial energy efficiency projects and earned a customer satisfaction score of over 98 percent. To help utilities improve their own elusive customer satisfaction scores, Lime Energy has released its first e-book of 2016: How Lime Energy Helps Utilities Engage, Satisfy, and Influence Customers. Continue reading to find out more…

At Lime Energy, we take pride in knowing that our customers leave every interaction feeling satisfied. Over the time we have spent serving small businesses, we have learned that there isn’t a simple cure-all to their frustrations. Instead, we have developed a multi-pronged approach to please them at all stages of the project. We mobilize boots on the ground to create person-to-person interactions that build trust. We customize our offerings to guarantee that businesses get exactly the upgrades they need without paying for anything they don’t. And throughout the process, we rely on our state-of-the-art technology platforms that allow everyone – utilities, business owners, and subcontractors – to track progress and see results.

From program launch and outreach through installation and even after the project is complete, we maintain a constant line of communication to ensure the expectations of all parties are being met.  

To find out how we do it, check out the e-book.

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