Innovative Marketing that Drives High Participation.

Lime Energy innovative marketing tactics enables the delivery of clean energy solutions to the mass-market.

Our mission is to execute smart marketing campaigns that deliver high participation and lower customer acquisition costs. Our professional marketing team are experts in small business engagement and maintaining brand integrity.

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Customer Engagement.

Creative Direct Mail.

The design and creativity of our data-driven marketing campaigns delivers the best small business participation rates in the industry for a very low cost. Our modern, direct marketing collateral drives engagement and our messaging speaks all the benefits energy efficiency provides beyond saving energy and money.

Date Driven Street Canvassing.

Our dedicated lead generation teams are highly trained, energy efficiency professionals that are embedded in the community. They are an extension of your utility brand whose sole focus is to educate and build relationships that fosters long term customer satisfaction. Utilizing our data driven, hub and spoke approach, they are able to target customers effectively and deliver qualified leads increase program participation.

Local Chambers, Associations & Municipalities.

Lime Energy will strategically engage customer’s in-person via our in-house lead generation team. We will essentially become an extension of the BPU brand, promoting, engaging and building a relationship that fosters long term customer satisfaction with your municipal, non-profit and commercial customers.

Experience has revealed that the best way to gain momentum in target areas is to become part of the community. For all “Street Canvassing” Lime Energy will utilize its proprietary Direct Intell Customer Score to target those commercial businesses most likely to participate.


Inbound Call Center Lead Nurturing.

Lime Energy has two call centers that are staffed by experienced energy efficiency representatives who are held to the highest customer service standards. Our representatives provide a seamless customer experience and message from initial inquiry to project close out which helps drive participation and satisfaction.


Targeted Outbound Telemarketing.

Lime Energy’s data driven outbound telemarketing campaigns are designed to provide high touch, low cost program awareness. Our energy efficiency representatives receive technical training and follow a custom script designed to educate small and mid-sized commercial businesses about clean energy solutions available in their area.



Market Segmentation.


Territory Segmentation.

Lime Energy’s territory segmentation analysis helps visualize market potential before we even step foot on the ground. Our firmographic database allows access to over 35million US businesses along with building profile information. This comprehensive market segmentation analysis helps increase customer participation, improve operational efficiency and enhance targeted marketing efforts. Our ability to target active decision makers with purchasing power is key to driving program success.



Lime Energy’s customer ranking algorithms allows us to target the right customers with the right measures, thus approaching the small business segment intelligently rather than by trial and error, resulting in lower customer acquisition costs. By taking the eligible customer data set and business profile models from over 100,000 small and mid-sized energy efficiency projects, we’re able to identify businesses that are most likely to participate and have the greatest potential for energy savings, regardless of Kw demand or kWh usage.

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