Low cost energy solutions that drive long-term value.

Utility providers partner with Lime Energy to deliver energy efficiency, new technology integration and educational resources to their customers. 

Lime Energy has the in-house technical expertise to identify and implement energy efficiency programs that drive long-term business value. Saving energy through efficiency not only contributes to grid reliability and sustainable communities, but it also increases overall profitability by putting money back onto the bottom line month after month. Lime Energy is committed to being product agnostic and works only with distributors who share a vision of excellence.

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Interior Lighting.

Lime Energy’s energy-efficient lighting solutions for small and mid-sized commercial businesses, including state-of-the-art LED technology, can help reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. The solutions we provide help businesses reduce energy costs, enhance employee productivity and improve customer comfort.


Exterior Lighting.

Lime Energy’s provides a variety of low-cost state-of-the-art LED exterior lighting systems and controls for small and mid-sized commercial businesses. Our custom solutions are designed to dramatically reduce energy consumption while improving safety and security for building perimeters, canopies, parking lots and roadways.


Lime Energy’s mechanical solutions are designed to deliver cost-effective equipment replacement and optimization controls to small and mid-sized commercial businesses. We handle custom installation for energy saving electric and gas equipment which include high efficiency boilers, furnaces, split systems and roof top package units.

Energy Monitoring.

Lime Energy’s energy monitoring technology enables highly accurate low cost M&V for utility programs while creating a highly sticky engagement channel and tool for customer service troubleshooting.

Our energy monitoring software also allows small businesses to track performance of past efficiency projects and usage pertaining to how they run their business. Seeing their business in this perspective not only highlights the role energy plays in their operations but way they can improve business efficiency. Business owners can now have the visibility and predictability of energy bills.

This low cost solution enables Lime Energy to offer performance based contracts to small and mid-sized businesses that allow for savings to finance the project cost.


Lime Energy’s provides east-to-manage, cost-effective refrigeration solutions and management systems to small and mid-sized commercial businesses. We’re able to install comprehensive energy savings solutions, which include LED cooler lighting, anti-sweat heater controls, EC motor replacement and stability controls.


Lime Energy’s integrated control solutions for small and mid-sized commercial businesses are designed to reduce energy costs, enhance aesthetics, and improve safety and security. Our smart sensor controls products and intelligent software learns habits and self-programs base on the daily activity and motion throughout the business or facility.