National Presence.

Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey

Lime Energy has 14 offices across the nation including 3 Regional Operational Centers (ROCs): Northeast –Woodbridge, NJ | Southeast – Huntersville, NC | West – Redlands, CA.



Ally Force Contractor Network.

Ally Force

Ally Force is Lime Energy’s partner network of trade allies who are committed to providing clean energy solutions across the nation. With over 500 contractors and distribution centers across the U.S, Ally Force provides the scale and ability needed to deliver comprehensive efficiency to the mass market.



National Supply Chain Network.

With over 400 material distribution centers, Lime Energy’s integrated supply chain model supports the delivery of comprehensive energy solutions for small and mid-sized businesses across America. Lime Energy’s key strategic partner, Rexel Energy Solutions (RES), a division of Rexel Holdings USA, provides the supply chain and logistics solutions for all of Lime Energy’s major programs.

Palletization of Products.

Palletization allows Lime Energy to provide fast delivery, direct shipment to the customer facility or Ally Force partner, and project organization thus improving operational efficiency and reducing our manual labor costs.


Large Scale Procurement of Products.

Lime Energy’s purchasing power allows us to negotiate the best cost for our energy efficiency products and materials without compromising quality or quantity regardless of implementation timeline or delivery point.