Our Technology.

Lime Energy 2.0 is a collaborative, secure platform that leverages the most recent cloud-based computing technology – as well as Lime Energy’s corporate business and analytical engines to deliver real-time CRM, real-time field-audit data, customer record tracking and stakeholder program management services.

Lime Energy 2.0 is integrated through the entire program process from marketing campaigns and energy assessments to project implementation and M&V, which gives us industry-leading quality assurance and superior customer satisfaction results.

In fact, our technology platform has successfully managed over 100,000 energy efficiency projects and conducted hundreds of thousands of energy assessments for over a dozen utilities across North America.


Lime EnerWorks™.

Lime EnerWorks™ audit tool set is integrated through the entire program process, from marketing campaigns and auditing to purchase orders, to material pick lists, waste management, and reporting. This platform has been built specifically for entire workflow of Direct Install Programs and contains the intellectual capital of our experience. Our utility clients have access to dashboard views and reporting which give them the ability to track program progress in real-time.



Our Energy Services Representatives, are able to conduct an energy assessment and provide the customer with an energy efficiency proposal during a single customer site visit. Our digital signature capture allows the customer to sign up for the program with the swipe of the finger. The live dashboard reporting allows for real-time monitoring sales by a variety of metrics.

Measure Registry.

Envision a dynamic suite of energy conservation measures delivered in one unique platform. Our ability to integrate comprehensive and demand response solutions during our initial engagement helps drive low-cost, clean energy solutions while maximizing energy saving potential.


Our project and document management software provides full visibility and control of purchase orders, ECM cost, installation timeline, and subcontractor assignment. With our live program reporting dashboard, you’re able to see the project from initial assignment to project completion.

Project Billing.

Lime Energy’s ability to batch generate closeout and financial documentation helps fast-track utility accounting and payment processing. We also integrated a mobile accounting solution so we can collect and process payment from our customers while in the field.

Energy Monitoring.


Lime Advisor.

Lime Advisor energy monitoring software along with our proprietary 2-way M2M communication device, acquires and analyzes circuit based usage data on the customer side of the meter to ensure estimated energy savings are achieved post installation, guaranteeing results.

This low-cost solution provides real-time energy data into user-friendly charts, graphs, and maps. In addition to measurement and verification, Lime Advisor can also provide recommendations for new efficiency measures for that particular facility or business.

Marketing Analytics & Engagement.

Lime Engage.

Lime Engage is the marketing analytics engine that drives targeted behavioral messaging and content directly into the hands of commercial customers. Our multi-approach marketing strategies are designed to provide clear and concise messaging that’s understandable and suited to the needs of a particular audience or industry. Our targeted market and firmographic segmentation analysis of your customers overlaid with business intelligence from 100,000 energy efficiency projects allows us to focus marketing efforts on those small and mid-sized businesses that have the greatest potential for energy reduction and participation.


Lime Explorer.

Lime Explorer is our customer relationship management (CRM) system that provides real-time knowledge of your commercial customer sites by disposition, building charactistics, region, city and/or zip code. This fully customizable CRM, utilized by our marketing, lead generation and auditing teams, allows for easy classification and categorization of both imported customer data and business profile information captured during on-site facility visit. The system is equipped with geo-mapping capabilities and targeting filtering which provides a real-time view of market potential while in the field.