The programs to achieve your goals. The expertise to make it happen.

Our innovative programs not only drive participation, but our pay-for-performance structure means you get a model that’s virtually risk-free.

Our vertically Integrated Services Model allows us to provide program administration and implementation services that would traditionally require multiple firms. It also means we can very precisely target the right businesses to engage with and help get them ready to sign up to utility energy efficiency programs. And thanks to our top class implementation, program service, and energy efficiency hardware, we consistently deliver a high level of overall SMB customer satisfaction.

The Benefits - Your four-step plan to Energy Efficiency.

Step One – Build a Failsafe Program Design.

Our pay-for-performance model ensures that we’re only paid on savings as they’re delivered. There’s no administration fee, just 100% of the incentive being delivered back to the customer. This model mitigates risk for the utility, and ensures both Lime and our utility partner’s interests are perfectly aligned. It also drives competitive, comprehensive clean energy solutions that your customers need.

Step Two – Apply Market Intelligence to Drive Action.

Our energy analytics and market segmentation analysis helps identify small and mid-sized businesses that have the greatest potential for energy savings. We then combine our pre-market analysis with modern energy efficiency marketing campaigns, so we’re able to drive higher program participation from even the smallest of small businesses. And because our enhanced data collection process can be customized to your needs – the market research gathered is used to improve program design and make the changes we need to drive results.

Step Three – Streamlined Implementation without Compromising Quality.

Our construction management processes includes material palletization, national supply chain logistics and large scale procurement. All of which creates a fast, turnkey installation service while delivering low-cost clean energy solutions without compromising quality or quantity. Our Ally Force Partner Network of over 500 trade allies and material distribution centers – demonstrating our large scale construction management expertise – and our streamlined on-boarding process for local electrical and mechanical contractors also enables local participation. We can even offer real-time viewing and monitoring of results during the entire implementation process.

Step Four – Realize Energy Savings and Gather Intelligence.

Our energy monitoring technology acquires and analyses circuit-based usage data on the customer side of the meter to ensure energy savings are realized, post installation. This is in addition to our web-based management tool that allows the data to be visualised in easily understood charts, graphs and maps.

This information can be used to tailor specific messaging to customers, which of course reinforces continuous performance improvements.


The only partner you need to initiate, facilitate and deliver your energy efficiency solutions. Here’s Why.

Performance Contract.

Lime Energy’s Direct Install program contracts properly align the interests between our utility customers and us to assure performance and cost per kilowatt and kilowatt-hour to our clients; we have consistently delivered on our savings goals. Compared to traditional administrators all of the costs are included in our performance contract rate and passed to the customer in a negioated measure price.

Predictive Data Analytics.

Lime Energy utilizes its proprietary software to perform predictive analytics on our decades of data that includes records of more than 1 million energy efficiency projects with small businesses. Our customer ranking algorithms provides insights that allow us to target the right customers with the right measures, allowing us to approach the small business segment intelligently rather than by trial and error, resulting in lower customer acquisition costs.

Small Business CRM Technology Platform Lime EnerWorks®.

Lime Energy’s technology platform is powered by our decades of experience in selling energy efficiency to small businesses. The platform delivers a complete end-to-end solution from lead generation management and auditing to project management invoicing and reporting. It enables the cost-effective delivery of a large number of small projects, smaller than any other program administration firm has been able to deliver.

Professional Energy Efficiency Sales Force.

Lime Energy has been at the forefront of developing a sales force with the ability to generate high participation rates from small businesses. The industry has taken note over the last year or so, to what Lime Energy has known for many years; Energy Service Representatives (ESR) must have a strong sales acumen, in addition to technical skills. Our fast-track training curriculum allows for quick start up of local resources that delivers immediate results. Every six minutes, a Lime Energy ESR gets a signature from a small business customer, marking a significant behavior change, with an ROI-based purchasing decision for smart building products.

Customized and Targeted Marketing Strategies.

Our in-house professional marketing team utilizes various communications channels to reach small business customers, and we have developed a hub and spoke model that targets likely early adopters based on experience from other programs. The design and creativity of our data-driven marketing campaigns delivers the best small business participation rates in the industry for a very low cost.

Procurement and Logistics.

Lime Energy is one of the nation’s largest purchasers of smart building products and energy efficient equipment. Our relationships with numerous distribution partners give us the ability to efficiently and cost effectively implement the great number of projects that are required of a Direct Install Program. Our ability to monitor the industry enables us drives down costs so we can continuously bring new technology to the mass-market.

Ally Force® Network.

Lime Energy’s Ally Force® network includes several hundred installation contractors. Contactors are only making money when they are busy, and our Direct Install model takes the selling, rebate application and coordination work away, leaving our contractors with only the profit-generating installations, which contributes to local job creation. In additional, we’re transforming local electrical contractors into energy efficiency experts further enabling the delivery of energy efficiency to the mass-market.

Customer Financing Solutions.

Lime Energy understands the challenges small businesses face such as the lack of capital or credit history to make necessary energy efficiency upgrades. We’re able to offer competitive financing solutions by taking on risk and spreading it out across our high volume of projects. Since 2009, Lime Energy has provided over $45 million of financing to customers of Direct Install programs spread across seven different states.

Customer Satisfaction.

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