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Commercial Direct Install Program

Commercial Direct Install Program

Experience matters. Experience produces results. Lime Energy has designed and produced 12 small business direct install (SBDI) programs for 1.4 million of our utility customers in eight states. The results: 350,000 MWh of savings annually. We have the experience and skills to manage large commercial direct install programs, too. Our programs turn heads because they consistently exceed program savings goals.

How Does It Work?

Through our direct install programs, we serve commercial customers throughout a utility’s territory and provide incentives for energy efficiency upgrades. Lime Energy uses state-of-the-art supply chain solutions, advanced customer engagement, powerful sales strategies and other innovative techniques to drive down costs and effectively implement energy-efficiency projects that produce short-term and long-term savings, increase productivity, boost sales, enhance safety and improve property values. Businesses that take part in direct install programs are eligible for greater incentives that aren’t available to nonparticipants.

Here are just some of our achievements:

National Grid
National Grid’s Small Business Direct Install Program serves 50,000 small business customers and is designed for the hard-to-reach small commercial and industrial market—customers with an average monthly demand of less than 110 kW. It provides incentives for up to 60 percent of project costs, including more energy efficient lighting, lighting controls and refrigeration. Through Lime Energy’s management and implementation services, this program has become one of the nation’s most successful Demand Side Management (DSM) programs. We’ve completed 8,500 energy efficiency projects that have resulted in an average annual per customer savings of 25,300 kWh and more than $24 million anticipated annual total customer savings. Through this program, local green jobs are created, and struggling small businesses receive the energy cost savings relief they deserve. The program also allows National Grid to meet its energy efficiency resources procurement mandates.

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
This commercial direct install program serves 170,000 business customers and is designed to address their lighting and lighting control needs. Since 2008, Lime Energy has convinced more than 51,000 businesses to enroll. The result: an average annual per customer savings of 4,315 kWh and an annual customer and LADWP savings of 224 million kWh and 47MW of peak demand. This program is expected to save customers more than $34 million annually. Lime Energy is proud of its 100 percent saturation rate in its assigned territory and a door-to-door marketing campaign that has resulted in energy efficiency upgrades at more than 98 percent of the businesses we audited. In addition, our customer satisfaction rating is more than 99 percent.

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program
This program serves 80,000 small and medium-sized business customers and is designed to upgrade lighting and HVAC equipment. Lime Energy has been a part of the program since 2010 and has completed more than 2,000 energy-efficiency projects, helping businesses realize annual per customer savings of 31,428 kWh and a total annual savings of 59.8 million kWh hours.

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