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Rural Energy Advantage Program

Lime Energy’s new Rural Energy Advantage Program (REAP) has many of the same goals and benefits as Trade Ally Direct. However, REAP is designed for an entirely different type of electric provider—the electrical cooperative. Utility cooperatives are owned by and managed on behalf of their members. They are most often found in rural areas where residents are too spread out for big utility companies to serve them. Electrical co-ops cover 56 percent of the continental United States and serve 42 million people. These 42 million residents pay higher rates for their electricity and have less access to energy efficiency than their peers in more densely populated areas.

How Does It Work?

By creating an energy efficiency offering specifically built for co-op customers, REAP is designed to overcome these hurdles. With financing and measures chosen for rural, resident-owned electricity providers, Lime Energy is carrying the benefits of energy efficiency into a new frontier.

Explore Your Options

Lime Energy offers this program and other affordable options for eligible customers, including Commercial Direct Install, SAVE and Trade Ally Direct. Lime Energy has the skills, experience and network in place to achieve money-saving results for your small business. To find out more about incentives and rebates in your area, choose your utility provider from the menu below.

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