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Trade Ally Direct

Trade Ally Direct

Trade Ally Direct uses a small change in Lime Energy’s traditional business model to open up wide swaths of potential customers. In a typical energy efficiency program, Lime works directly with a utility company to deliver energy savings to the utility’s customers. With TA Direct, Lime no longer contracts directly with the utility company. Instead, we work with another program implementer—a company like Lime.

How Does It Work?

That company manages the relationship with the utility while Lime’s representatives focus on selling and installing projects. We provide all of our sales and marketing intelligence and bring our customer financing solutions. We work hand in hand with the program administrator to improve program deliverability and achieve efficiency goals.

Partner With Lime

Lime Energy has the skills, experience and network in place to achieve outstanding results for your business. To find out more about incentives and rebates in your area, choose your utility provider from the menu below.

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