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What’s the AllyForce Network and why should contractors join?

If you are a contractor, you have objectives for your business. You may want to grow your customer base or better serve your customers. Reaching these goals can come with challenges, including expanding on a tight budget, working with limited resources, or keeping up with market demand. Contractors can overcome these challenges by partnering with a trusted organization like Lime Energy and its AllyForce Network.

Lime Energy, a turnkey energy efficiency provider, has created a trade ally partnership program called the AllyForce Network. The AllyForce Network provides installation of energy conservation measures for small and medium-sized businesses across the country. By partnering with Lime Energy, contractors can tap into Lime’s resources to streamline their workflow, maintain steady access to work, and receive prompt payment.

Here are some ways that contractors can benefit by joining the AllyForce Network:

Easy, Free Onboarding

Joining the AllyForce Network is a three-step process. To start, our local operations team will reach out to ask a few screening questions. Following that, an in-person meeting will be scheduled to learn more about the contractor’s goals and how it aligns with Lime. After that, the contractor will complete any documentation required by the utility and undergo a background check. Simple as 1, 2, 3!

And there is no cost to join the AllyForce Network—Lime even covers the cost for the background check!

Steady Workflow for Entire AllyForce Network

Lime Energy has multi-year contracts with utilities and benchmarks to hit for each program. Each program installs hundreds of projects every year. These contracts guarantee a steady workflow of energy efficiency projects throughout the year.

Focus on Core Strengths

Lime Energy already has a dedicated sales and marketing team to identify, line up, and schedule projects. Members of the AllyForce Network make no investments in marketing or sales, complete no energy audits, and never need to bid on any work. Instead, they simply install energy saving equipment and move to the next project.

30-Day Payment Guarantee

We understand the importance of prompt payment. We ensure that all contractors are paid within 30 days of completed work, whether by direct deposit or check.

Growth Opportunities

Lime Energy looks to develop its contractors in areas like safety and customer service. We mentor our partners and help them to become experts in their practice. We also encourage our contractors to grow and add new crews to meet increased demand.

By joining the AllyForce Network, contractors benefit in multiple ways—from achieving a balanced workflow to advancing skillsets. Additionally, we have given our partners over seven million dollars annually for labor services. Lime Energy has grown exponentially over the last few years, and we want our allies to grow as well. In recent years, energy efficiency projects have been on the rise. And according to Electrical Contractor Magazine, studies show that contractors are now taking on a more multifaceted role to tackle the demand for LED lighting, controls, and HVAC projects.To lower carbon emissions and provide a standout service for our customers, we rely on our allies to help us stay at the forefront of clean energy innovation. 

Lime Energy, through our AllyForce Network, provides energy retrofits and upgrades to small business customers across the country in partnership with our utility clients. With our hardworking network of nearly 100 contractors, we have the scale and ability to deliver comprehensive energy efficiency solutions to many types of businesses. Our award-winning, integrated service programs offer our small business customers with reliable energy efficiency resources while delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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