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Why Does Your Business Need a Lighting Upgrade?

Installing a lighting upgrade in your space now can save your business thousands of dollars over time. In fact, nearly 40% of your business’s monthly power bill is probably going toward lighting. If that isn’t reason enough to consider a lighting upgrade, here are eight more.

1. To Lower Utility Expenses

At 40% of your bill, lighting should be an obvious place to start trimming costs. Upgrading your lighting system will reduce usage and overhead immediately, and also pay off in long-term energy efficiency. Indoor lighting upgrades alone can help save up to 50% of your lighting energy costs.

2. To Reduce Maintenance Time and Cost

Facilities that have lighting in areas that are hard to get to without special equipment probably also have high maintenance costs. Retrofitting these lights with longer-lasting, more modern lights will reduce the costs related to maintaining them.

3. To Decrease Lighting Inventory

By retrofitting to the most advanced technology, you can reduce the number and types of bulbs required on hand. In addition, the new bulbs have a longer life, so your staff will also spend less time replacing them.

4. To Increase Security

Replace fluorescent lighting and lamps that still contain mercury or high-pressure sodium. Add motion sensors. Proper lighting design promotes safety and security on the interior and exterior of a building. In addition, customers will feel more secure coming to your store and shopping in darker hours.

5. To Score Rebates for Energy Efficiency

Local utility companies actually offer free energy checks on existing facilities and free consultation on new construction projects. Use these resources and take advantage of the incentives available for switching to or installing LED and energy-efficient lighting.

6. To Reduce Inefficiencies

Having the flexibility to reorganize your space is important in manufacturing, property management, and in any growing business. Good and efficient lighting design makes it possible. It will also help attract and retain tenants in your space.

7. For Truer Color Renditions

Seemingly looking through rose-colored glasses isn’t a positive in every space. With more accurate color and visuals, new lighting systems can help reduce errors in multiple areas of your business. In addition, products are shown the way they were meant to be seen – increasing sales and the bottom line.

8. To Lessen Your Environmental Impact

Since it makes sense for your business and promotes sustainability, it’s a win-win.

Energy-efficient lighting is a simple way that you can significantly cut one of your largest business expenses. You can save money, energy, and time, all while creating a better work environment and increasing profits, simply by upgrading your lighting system.


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