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Why more small business owners are choosing multi-measure efficiency

Running a small business is not an easy endeavor, especially when it comes to managing finances. While fixed costs are unwavering, business owners have more leverage to reduce overhead costs. You may have heard that specific energy-efficient upgrades, such as switching to LED lighting, are one way to reduce these costs. But are you missing out on more energy savings by not upgrading with additional measures? 

For small business owners, upgrading to LED lighting has been the cheapest and easiest way to reduce energy costs. Now, upgrading other equipment is increasingly more affordable, and business owners are saving more than ever. Multi-measure energy efficiency has become more cost-effective, and programs like Lime Energy’s provide the expertise for implementation. Small business owners can now easily reap the benefits of energy-efficient upgrades with minimal impact on budget or time.

Here’s how small business owners can select the best multi-measure efficiency upgrades:

An energy auditor performing a multi-measure efficiency assessment.

Where is the most energy used?

Small businesses use a considerable amount of energy—collectively, they spend about 60 billion annually on energy costs. But where is the most power used? Although lighting is a significant contributor, heating and cooling systems are the biggest culprits, using nearly half of your energy. For businesses like grocery and convenience stores, refrigeration also consumes a considerable amount of energy. Small businesses draw power from several sources, including lighting, refrigeration, HVAC, and plug load. Getting the most out of your energy savings means upgrading the most energy-intensive systems.

An energy assessment can unveil potential savings

Your utility or energy efficiency provider may offer a free energy assessment with recommendations tailored to your business. These recommendations can include a combination of energy conservation measures like lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration upgrades. Your assessment may also include temperature and lighting controls, like motion sensors or programmable thermostats. A comprehensive assessment is the best way to gauge which upgrades would be the most valuable to your business. 

How is it more affordable?

You may be hesitant to make efficiency upgrades to HVAC and refrigeration—since equipment and implementation may have been costly in the past. New technologies have emerged, driving down prices for efficient upgrades to these systems. To further lower costs, utilities and energy providers offer reduced pricing and incentives for multi-measure projects. Lime offers innovative programs that combine inexpensive and comprehensive offerings to maximize savings. With bundled projects and utility incentives, small business owners can make efficiency changes without breaking their budget.

Additional benefits 

Small business owners gain more than just energy savings from multi-measure efficiency. With a more efficient heat and cooling system, they can improve airflow and occupant comfort. Also, efficiency upgrades to refrigeration equipment can reduce food spoilage from heat emissions. Small business owners can also increase profitability from the reduced costs. Ultimately, small business owners can take advantage of many benefits from multi-measure upgrades.

Multi-measure efficiency is a cost-effective, high-value investment for small business owners. Business owners save about 10-30% on energy expenses by upgrading lighting, refrigeration, HVAC, and controls. Best of all, making these multi-measure improvements is budget-friendly thanks to advancements in technology, reduced pricing, and utility incentives. Small business owners can now significantly lower their operating expenses without sacrificing their business’s comfort, quality, or service. 

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